Ahmet OZER


Platfrom Engineer at getir and Sofware Engineer student at BAU. Like to work on Linux - IoT - Network.

Hi đź‘‹, I am Ahmet

I am Platform and Infrastructure Engineer @getir.com and my primary responsibility is to keep machines up, secure, and stable. I graduated (7/2023) from Bahcesehir University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering.

If I were to express myself about this sector with words, it would be engineering, network, practically, new methods, and cost optimization.

Besides reading HackerNews articles and software engineering (IoT, network, Linux), I also like to have amateur photography, cycling, long seaside walks, and mechanical repairments.

Focus areas by Yearly

  • 2013 Embedded Systems (raspberry pi), Server management, CDN
  • 2015 Linux Distro && Dijitaller.com (WordPress, guideline writer)
  • 2017 Linux Networking && IoT && Network Security && Shell Scripting
  • 2018 Start University Education (Software Engineering)
  • 2019 Containerization & Embedded system distro optimization
  • 2020 Developing own Linux tools with Golang
  • 2021 Platform Engineer at getir.com - Kubernetes, AWS Infra, Cloud Security and Cost Optimization, Platform Tooling, and Architecture

Last Five GitHub Repository

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I have already interested in computers when I was a child but with the Raspberry Pi, I start to have a path in my carrier life.


Due to a lack of low CPU on PI and network bottlenecks at the house, I migrated my environment to DigitalOcean and Cloudflare combination in 2014. I started to use this knowledge end of 2015 at dijitaller.com to improve performance issues.

In 2016, I was interested to develop my own Ubuntu-based distro, but this project’s development speed is affected by broadband speed. So I start to research optimizing networks and to improve my connectivity.

Since elementary school, I had been working on a simple electronic system that I learned from my mother and the people around us. Between 2016 and 2018, I started to make IoT-based projects by combining this information with software.

Scripting started not to meet my requirements when I want to control tools more over and implement new methods. So I also want to have academic knowledge about software and engineering principles, and I started a Software Engineering bachelor’s degree in 2018.

In 2021, I started Platform Engineer at Getir.com, and our tribe’s main responsibility is enabling Cloud Infrastructure to the developers with automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). On the other hand, we are maintaining existing infrastructure, Incident management, designing and controlling organization infrastructure.

Current Responsiblity

  • Maintaining cloud resources and managing their IaC repo.
  • Ensuring the security of the cloud environment.
  • Incident Management and Resolution (on-call).
  • Automating toil works and enabling the infrastructure.
  • Participating in goto rotation to help to answer developers’ questions about infrastructure or architecture.
  • Helping developers find problems with system administration knowledge and software engineering principles at the point where they cannot find a problem.
  • Meet the business objectives of the multi-domain (super-app) company while designing technical solutions.

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Thank you for your time, for anything you can contact me on LinkedIn.

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